What they say about XENOS

"From the insanely catchy chorus of the first number, they're on to a winner. It's pretty upbeat, fun stuff - I'm sure they'd be great live. Anne Hildyard seems to be master of many obscure instruments, and the whole band are wonderfully relaxedand together as they romp through a wide variety of songs and tunes." Geoff Burton (fRoots, UK)

"....a triumph.
This is quite splendid, energetic and powerful... More please!" Kim Burton(Songlines, UK) read the whole review here.

"sonority and dream. I am hearing this..music...as a desperate man.It is fantastic."  Nixon, Brazil

"That CD really capture the essence of GYPSY MUSIC in Macedonia. A must for all Gypsy music afficionados."  Claude (Canada)

"better than 'N Sync" Shandra & Armando (USA)

Xenos "Tutti frutti"
My first reaction when I saw this cd was a big smile. This couldn't be a Dutch group because they would never call themselves Xenos. This because this is a big chain of shops in Holland. The only thing this shop has in common with this music group Xenos is that their both a bit exotic. Although the group is based in Australia, they bring tunes from the Balkan countries. Some known songs like Tutti frutti but most of the tunes are relatively unknown. The vocals are done by the twin sisters Anne and Lee and are of a surprisingly high level. It's like I'm listening to an authentic Romanian or Macedonian band. They are backed by a great band including Gaida, percussion, saxophone, electric guitar and many other instruments. When I listen to a song like Sadila ganka I love the sound of the Gaida which seems to have a conversation with the vocals of Lee Hildyard. Xenos managed to record a convincing cd with strong vocals and energetic music. I still do not believe that their from Australia. The vocals are just to authentic and the musicians seem to know what their doing. The best Balkan cd from outside the Balkan I can think of!
Eelco Schilder


"Xenos play the music of the Macedonian Gipsies;... Xenos' music isinnovative, very lively and energetic; the titles are mainly traditionalgipsy pieces from Macedonia, and have the for this region typical complextrance rhythms. For all bagpipe fans (there are quite a few in FolkWorld'sreadership) important to know: Xenos have in their line-up also the Macedoniangaida. Add to these instruments bass and accordeon, and sometimes the shrillsinging of Anne Hildyard, then you have an idea of Xenos' music. This ismusic full of energy and spirit, and they are surely also a superb liveact. If you are interested in fresh Balkan gipsy music, this album is wellworth for you."  Michael Moll

"Xenos served as cultural attaches of the Swiss Committee for UNICEF1993-94.. in Swiss schools. The group wholly fulfilled ambitious expectationsthrough their artistic, pedagogic and didactic expertise. Their enthusiasmquickly charmed the students to create a spirited atmosphere. ...greatconfidence and resourcefulness ... a complete success from the very beginning." Christiane Meier, Swiss Committee for UNICEF

"A fantastic performance-children were very excited"  Mrs SandraMcLeod, Mildura W.

"Great and excellent songs, dance, music and storytelling. Fantastic. It was really good being your audience. THANKYOU for the great performance."  Rebecca, student, Mildura Primary School

Other student comments:

"Your instruments are wierd."

"I really enjoyed every single minute of the performance."

"I can't get the songs out of my head."

"Please come back to see us again."

"My favourite story was Georgie played the gaida when the teacher leftthe room."

And also:

"What sort of music do your parents play?" ...... "Ghost town music" (Raphael Bester aged 6)

"Great CD. Not commercial enough"  Bill O'Toole

"Relentless..... relentless.... relentless"  Well-intentioned Canberrabased reviewer, best left anonymous.