Gaida - it's a bagpipe found in Nth Greece, some Greek islands, (Thassos, Mitilini and others) in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Thracian Turkey. There are many different bagpipes. You can read "Baines - Bagpipes" and learn about some 200 plus different bagpipes. Xenos use a Bulgarian gaida, a Turkish / Pontian / Greek Island Tulum, and occasionally Macedonian and Greek Thracian gaidas, Bulgarian kaba gaida, Hungarian duda, Breton biniou and bombarde. We love our bagpipes!
Gajda player in Florina / Lerin, Macedonia, 1950s? The boys dancing for the camera, Florina / Lerin, 1950s?  

this is an important traditional liquid which must be poured into the bag to make the sound come good.

Anne with a gajda from Edessa/Voden. We found the chanter, stocks and one peice of drone in a junk shop in Edessa and Craig Fischer rebuilt the instrument. It sounds GREAT.    
Macedonian gajda. The upper chanter is solid horn, the lower is boxwood sleeved in horn. The string attaches an eagle's talon for manipulating the tuning wax.






Rob with the Blue Tulum. The Blue Tulum plays in C, better for the girls to sing to. The hairy tulum sounds great, looks great, but it plays in Bb, perfect for a mans vocal range, not so good for the girls.
Hungarian duda.